July 4 Weekend

You have to get up early to catch the sunrise in July in Alaska. It is about 5:30 am.


Here is another one taken at 6 am. Nice light in the harbor.


Among the many loads taken were a number of trips with kids.




There were not many bird trips last week. The highlight was three Caspian Terns at Glacier Spit. Also some of these.


And on the Island.


No trip to Gull Island is complete without Puffins. Here is a Horned Puffin (and one of those).


And a Tufted Puffin.


When I say I am the only yellow boat in the harbor, I really mean that I am the only yellow boat in the harbor.


One thought on “July 4 Weekend”

  1. (July 4th post). I really liked the photo with the Horned Puffin and Common Murre together in the water looking at each other, or apparently looking at each other. It’s interesting and very beautiful at the same time.

    I love your blog!! Thank you for doing it.

    Having the only yellow boat is a good thing–very distinctive. You were wise to do this; have you always had yellow boats perhaps?

    Lani Raymond

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