It has been awhile since my last post. July and August tend to get busy so not much else happens than working, eating and sleeping. Things are slowing down now though so there is a little more time for things like this. July, for the most part was sunny and warm (for Homer) with just a few days of rain. August so far has been rainy with a few days of sun.

One day I had some help while doing engine maintenance. He didn’t pay any attention till I got out my iPhone out to take a photo.


Sea otters often drape kelp over themselves to keep from drifting away when they sleep.


There are also some humpback whales in the bay. Some dive deep.


While others find fish on the surface. Often surprising the birds that are eating the same thing.


Gull Island was busy. Here is a photo of both Horned and Tufted Puffins, Murres and Black-legged Kittiwakes.


Another Gull Island Photo.


And one more of a headless Pigeon Guillemot. And one with a head for comparison.


The Aleutian Terns left the bay earlier than normal. July 23 was the last day that I saw them. Here are some with Arctic Terns.


It seems Arctic Terns can be rather aggressive. When this one came in to land the Kittiwakes all moved to the other end of the log.


There were a lot of water taxi trips in July and August. Here is a typical load.


Most days in July you could actually see the sun. This was about 10 pm coming back to the harbor after a long day.


Most days in August you could not see the sun. If you did it looked like this.