June 1 – June 10 2016

We were able to see all three Cormorants in Kachemak Bay this last week. Unfortunately a rare occurrence anymore. Here is a Pelagic Cormorant, the most common in Kachemak Bay and nests on Gull Island.P5290014.jpgThis next one, a Double Crested Coromorant, is not as common and nests inland. But we do see them from time to time.P5310075.jpgCan you find the Red-faced Cormorant in this next photo. It is a Juvenile and has a pale bill. Unfortunately they no longer nest on Gull Island so seeing one is a rare occurrence.P6030097.jpgBelted Kingfishers have been seen often on Cohen Island this spring.P6010084.jpgIt is not often this spring that we see Common Murres attempting to land on Gull Island with all the Bald Eagles in the area.P6090288.jpgAleutian Terns were found perched on the debris washed off the beaches by the high tides this last week.P6080160.jpgI won’t do a bird list for the week but Red-faced Cormorant can be added to the list. There are not as many Humpback Whales around as there were this spring but we did manage to see two a couple miles west of the spit.

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