June 11 – June 30 2016

We have been seeing more Humpback whales than we normally see in June. This shot of a breaching whale was taken when we were still about a half mile away. It had breached about 20 times already. When we finally got close enough for a better shot it stopped. P6280207.jpg

What!? A Murre with ears? These next few shots were taken on or near Gull IslandP6280205.jpg




This nice shot of a pair of Pigeon Guillemot was taken by Becca, the new crew member this summer. Hopefully she will get a chance to take a few more.



Shorebirds are starting to migrate south. Here is a Black Turnstone. You can see why they are hard to spot.P6200020.jpg

This Black Oystercatcher is one of the pair that nests on Cohen Island. It walks with a bit of a limp. One of its leg joints appears a little swollen.P6200046.jpg

We usually see more Barrow’s Goldeneye in the spring but there are still a few around.P6210054.jpg

We spent some time watching seals at Aurora Lagoon.P6250088.jpg


A sea otter and her pup snoozing at Cohen Island.P6270127.jpg

There were no new birds to be added to the list. Unfortunately it is the absence of ones we normally see that is noteworthy. We also saw a pod of Killer Whales. This photo was taken last year but was quite likely from the same pod.Killer Whale.jpg

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