August 2016

Here is a brief sampling of August…

P8100541.jpgThere are plenty of Lion’s Mane Jellies in the bay.

Birds continue the migration south.

P8010202.jpgSpotted Sandpipers are still around.

P8261199.jpgAs is this Rock Sandpiper and Ruddy Turnstone.

P8201005.jpgHere is a Red-necked Phalarope

P8040276.jpgA Parasitic Jaeger stopped for a visit.

P8040277.jpgThen proceeded to do what they do…

P8100557.jpgThis Peregrine Falcon was hunting newly fledged Kittiwakes at the deep water dock.

P8221094.jpgShort-tailed Shearwaters will soon be heading south.

P8100501.jpgThis Yellow-billed Loon is likely already south.

P8100513.jpgPigeon Guillemots and Marbled MurreletsĀ nest in Kachemak Bay and also spend the winter here.

Then there are all the baby animals.

P8241133.jpgMost otter pups are almost fully grown but there are still a few this size around.

P8120757.jpgYou have to see this…

P9080072.jpgbefore you see this Tufted Puffin Chick.

P8271299.jpgI wasn’t able to photograph a Horned Puffin with fish but apparently there was some success.

P9080060.jpgAn Ancient Murrelet parent and chick.

P8221105.jpgIt rained a lot in August but there were a lot of fish to catch.

We had good whale sightings throughout the spring and summer although they tapered off a bit in August.

P9021498.jpgHeaded down for a dive.

P9011374.jpgThis is usually all I photograph when a whale breaches.

P9011370.jpgBut this one breached several times.

P8200978.jpgKiller Whale!! Too close for the long lens! Four of them headed right under the boat to check us out.

P9011422.jpgAn August sunset. We are headed towards fall.