July 2016

The otters are looking comfortable at Gull Island lately. This one is wearing a kelp shawl.P7060298.jpg

Here is another one with a Kelp scarf.P7180179.jpg

Ok, one more eating crab.P7150053.jpg

It is not often I am able to spend any time at the cabin in the summer, but we managed a couple nights around July 4. Here are some things we found on the beach.P7020073.jpg


Fishermen were busy.P7130016.jpg

So were the whales.P7180204.jpg




Even a Fin whale was spotted.P7260401.jpg

And one more.P7260412.jpg

Low tide!P7220287.jpg

Shorebirds have been making their way south. Here are a Surfbird and a Rock Sandpiper.P6290007.jpg

Also some Red-necked Phalaropes. P7070369.jpg

Here are the usual Puffin shots.P7110598.jpg


And the not so usual…P7100526.jpg

This Kingfisher was diving for a fish.P7170167.jpg

Last but not least here is Iliamna.P7200249.jpg

And Redoubt.P7200255.jpg




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